Hasler Naval Service Recovery Centre

Hasler NSRC

Hasler Naval Service Recovery Centre is designed to professionally command, co-ordinate and administer a bespoke recovery pathway for each assigned rank and to provide effective assistance and support to them and their families.

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Our assigned ranks consist of long-term wounded, injured or sick members of the Naval Service and entry is decided by an individual case conference.

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Officer Commanding Scotty Mills

Rank: Major

Major Scotty Mills joined the RM in 1987, his early service included tours in Northern Ireland, and deployments to Norway, Mediterranean and the Caribbean with 42 Cdo RM.

On promotion to Major he was appointed as Officer Commanding Hasler Naval Service Recovery Centre in HMS Drake, Devonport.

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Location HMS Drake, Plymouth

Our address is:

Haslar Naval Service Recovery Centre
Frobisher Block,
HMS Drake,


HMNB Devonport

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