Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Home to Henry VIII’s flagship Mary Rose; HMS Victory, from which Admiral Nelson commanded the great victory at Trafalgar; and groundbreaking battleship HMS Warrior. The yard is also home to a high-tech interactive attraction focusing on today’s Fleet, and the Museum of the Royal Navy.

Ask anyone to name the most famous warships in the world and Mary Rose, HMS Victory and HMS Warrior 1860 are sure to feature. Their appeal endures because of the graphic and moving stories associated with them; being the favourite of Henry VIII; the victor at the Battle of Trafalgar; and never firing a shot in anger during ten long years of sea domination.

But their draw and influence goes beyond this. It’s the social history about life on board and in the wider society; the bravery and heroism of generations of serving personnel and their families and their compelling stories; the technology that meant Britain led the world and the anecdotes which have fashioned our language for centuries.

Add the National Museum of the Royal Navy; interactive Action Stations; a harbour tour; the Dockyard Apprentice and the Trafalgar Sail and Portsmouth Historic Dockyard rates as one of the best-value, full day’s out in the UK.

Young explorers can learn history in fun ways with costumed interpreters, games, dressing-up, crafts, trails and talks. There’s also lots of space for children to explore in their own way, including indoor attractions to cater for that ever-changing British weather!

Those with a more serious interest in naval matters have ample opportunities to discover more and our expert guides are on hand to help. The site also offers a year-long events programme with specialist talks and presentations.

Plus, there’s much-needed refreshment available at Costa Coffee, Boathouse 7 or the Georgian Tearooms and shops include national retailer Nauticalia, museum shops and Antiques Storehouse. Picnic areas are also available.

For more information please visit www.historicdockyard.co.uk

1758 - 1805 Horatio Nelson

Horatio Nelson

Rank: Admiral

Horatio Nelson is generally regarded as the greatest officer in the history of the Royal Navy.

His reputation is based on a series of remarkable victories during the Napoleonic Wars, culminating at the Battle of Trafalgar where he inflicted a crushing defeat on the numerically superior Franco-Spanish fleet.

Hit by a musket ball from a French sharpshooter, he died on HMS Victory in the knowledge that he had achieved another famous victory.

Location Portsmouth

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