HMS Enterprise (H88)

HMS Enterprise is a survey vessel, manned by experts in examining and mapping the seafloor. She also acts as a floating base for mine countermeasures activities.

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Facts & figures

Facts & figures

9,180 lives saved

In her last deployment

3 watch

Manning System

50 personnel

On board

Our skills

Our skills

HMS Enterprise is an adaptable vessel, with a talented, multi-tasking crew. Though her Ship’s Company is small at just 50, their talents are abundant. Skills include:

  • Oceanographic and hydrographic surveys – examining and mapping the seafloor.
  • Ensuring safe navigation on and under the water.
  • Acting as ‘mothership’ for Mine Counter-Measure Vessels – engineers and sailors are trained and equipped to support these specialist ships in their duties.

Our operations

Our base

Our base


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Commanding Officer

Commander Cecil Ladislaus

Commander Cecil Ladislaus joined the Royal Navy in 1995, he assumed command of HMS Enterprise in November 2018.


HMS Enterprise's role

HMS Enterprise is an Echo-class multi-role survey vessel - hydrographic oceanographic (SVHO). Multi-talented and adaptable, she’s equally at home mapping and surveying the ocean floor as she is acting as a floating base for our minehunters.

Over the past five years, she’s been involved in a diverse span of activities, from detecting mines in the Arabian Gulf to saving lives and disrupting the work of human traffickers as part of a European taskgroup Operation Sophia.

She has surveyed hundreds of thousands of square miles of ocean floor, filled in as the Falkland Island’s Patrol Vessel, and most recently acted as the flagship to Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group 2.

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