HMS Trumpeter (P294)

HMS Trumpeter is an Archer-class patrol vessel attached to the Cambridge University Royal Naval Unit (URNU). Her role is to provide Officer Cadets with the skills and attributes they need for a career in the Royal Navy.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

22+ knots

Top speed

21 metres

Total length

54 tonnes

Total displacement

Our skills

Our skills

HMS Trumpeter’s permanent crew consists of a Lieutenant and four other Royal Navy personnel. During training exercises, she can accommodate up to 12 URNU students and a training officer. Together, their responsibilities include:

  • Naval experience
  • Naval training
  • Navigation training
  • Officer training
  • Providing support on Royal Navy and NATO exercises
  • Personal development
  • Leadership training

Commanding Officer

Lieutenant G Hage

HMS Trumpeter's role

As a training vessel the primary role of HMS Trumpeter is to provide Naval experience to Officer Cadets from the Cambridge University Royal Naval Unit.

Cambridge URNU takes part in regular sea weekends and deployments, with a view to helping Officer Cadets broaden their knowledge of ship handling and navigation, as well as providing them with a taste of day-to-day life in the Royal Navy.

HMS Trumpeter also takes part in a variety of Fleet tasking, from coastal patrols in UK waters to Royal Navy exercises across Europe and beyond.

Unit history

Royal Navy careers

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