HMS Exploit

HMS Exploit

HMS Exploit is the Birmingham University Royal Naval Unit's Training Patrol vessel, although the unit covers a wide area, taking undergraduates from eight Universities in the region including Loughborough and Warwick.

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Built by Vosper Thornycroft and commissioned as HMS Exploit in 1988, the ship is berthed in Penarth, near Cardiff.

HMS Exploit and her Ship's Company introduce students to the traditions and role of the Royal Navy and provide training in the seamanship and navigation skills required to take the ship to sea for weekends and deployments to regional ports around the UK and abroad throughout the year. 

In addition to the shore training syllabus the Midshipmen students can make use of all the opportunities that the Services provide, including adventurous training, acquaint visits to ship, submarines and Naval Air Squadrons. 

The Unit meets every Thursday evening at HMS Forward, Birmingham's Royal Naval Reserve Training Centre.

For further information contact: 

Birmingham URNU, HMS Forward, 42 Tilton Road, Garrison Lane , Birmingham, B9 4PP.

Tel: 0121 703 6379

Royal Navy’s smallest ships take part in squadron exercise


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1st Patrol Boat Squadron’s Baltops endeavour

1st Patrol Boat Squadron’s Baltops endeavour

HMS Exploit Brings the Party to Berkley

HMS Exploit brings the party to Berkley

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Current operation University Royal Naval Unit

To provide high-quality sea training experiences to undergraduates from universities, developing seamanship, team building and leadership skills in a maritime environment.  These ships also support the Fleet in a range of roles around the UK and European waters, showing the White Ensign in places that larger vessels cannot reach.

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    Alongside in her home port of Portsmouth Naval Base

Location UK

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Unit History

Ship History1942

The only previous HMS Exploit was a Catherine-class minesweeper which was laid down for the Royal Navy in November 1942 but retained by the US Navy as the Vigilance.

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Commanding Officer Simon Holden

Rank: Lieutenant

Lt Holden joined the Royal Navy in 2011. He took command of HMS Exploit in October 2017.

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Hydrography and Meteorology Officer

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HMS Exploit's motto is 'actis inclitis -with illustrious deeds'


HMS Exploit has a top speed of 20 knots 

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