HMS Exploit

HMS Exploit (P167)

HMS Exploit is one of the 14 Archer-class patrol vessels that form the Coastal Forces Squadron. Versatile and able to operate in confined waters she conducts many roles including Maritime Security, Support to NATO Operations and assisting in the training of future Warfare Officers of the Royal Navy.

HMS Exploit is based at HMNB Portsmouth. She is proud to have affiliations with:

  • HMS Daring
  • 845 Naval Air Squadron
  • Berkeley
  • Hereford Cathedral School CCF
  • TS Minerva, the Rhondda Sea Cadet Corps
  • King Edwards School CCF, Birmingham
  • Brownhills Guide Unit, Walsall
  • The University of Birmingham
  • Lordswood Boys School CCF
  • Facts & figures

    Facts & figures

    20+ knots

    Top speed

    20.8 metres

    Total length

    54 tonnes

    Total displacement

    Our Skills

    Our skills

    The crew of HMS Exploit is made up of a permanent staff of five: a commanding officer, two senior
    rates and two junior rates. They can also be joined by up to t students accompanied by
    training officers. Together, their roles and responsibilities include:

    • Maritime Security
    • Navigation and Seamanship training
    • Providing support on Royal Navy and NATO exercises such as BALTOPS and JOINT WARRIER
    • Regional development and engagement
    • Leadership training

    Our Operations

    Current operation

    Maritime Security

    United Kingdom

    British ships and units, which include the Royal Marines, are committed to operations around the world.

    Previous deployment


    Our base

    Our base

    United Kingdom

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    Commanding Officer

    Lieutenant C Osborn

    HMS Exploit's role

    HMS Exploit is primarily tasked with Inshore Maritime Security and Navigational training, although she also accepts students from University Royal Navy Units in the region.


    As a training vessel, HMS Exploit embarks Young Officers to conduct pilotage and seamanship evolutions in preparation for qualifying courses.


    HMS Exploit also undertakes a variety of wider Fleet operations, including supporting Royal Navy and NATO exercises across the world, security patrols and integration with other maritime agencies to protect UK Waters.

    Unit history

    Royal Navy careers

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