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HMS Ramsey (M110)

HMS Ramsey was launched on the 25th November 1999 and was commissioned into the Fleet in September 2000.

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New Commanding Officer for HMS Ramsey


HMS Ramsey (M110) Latest News

HMS Ramsey supports Isle of Man TT bike race

HMS Ramsey supports Isle of Man TT bike race

Submariners exercise the Freedom of the Borough of Barrow

Submariners exercise the Freedom of the Borough of Barrow

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Current operation Operational Sea Training

The ship and her company are being put through their paces in preparation for front line operations.

Location UK

Four locations are being used around the United Kingdom

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Unit History

The First Ramsey1912

She was requisitioned by the Admiralty on the 28th October 1914, and commissioned on the 20th November 1914, for use as an armed steamer.

Intercept and Attack1915

she was employed on night patrols. On the 8th August 1915 she intercepted a steamship flying the Russian flag, which was actually the German Auxillary Minesweeper Meteor.

Intercept and attack1915

After being crippled by point-blank gunfire, Ramsey was struck amidships by a German torpedo and sunk.

Intercept and attack1915

Five Officers including Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Harry Raby Royal Naval Reserve, and 50 ratings were lost, also a further four Officers and 39 ratings were taken prisoner. 

Intercept and attack1915

On the following day, the Meteor encountered superior British forces and scuttled herself, Ramsey’s crew returning home in the Undaunted.

The Second Ramsey1919

The second Ramsey was originally the USS Meade, launched 29th May 1919.

Second World War1940

During the Second World War she was transferred to the Royal Navy and commissioned at Halifax, Nova Scotia on the 26th 1940 as HMS Ramsey. In June 1941 she joined the 22nd Escort Group.


Further work was done in Belfast and Clyde, Ramsey joined B6 Escort Group, Western Approaches Command. After one round trip she paid off for a long refit in Grimsby which lasted until 1943.

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Commanding Officer Lee Vessey

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Lt Cdr Vessey took command of HMS Ramsey in October 2017.

Mine Warfare Specialist

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HMS Ramsey could travel from London to Birmingham 25 times on one tank of fuel

HMNB Clyde

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