HMS Ramsey (M110)

HMS Ramsey is one of seven Sandown-class minehunters. Her crew detect and destroy mines to keep ships and shipping lanes safe. 

HMS Ramsey is a Sandown-class minehunter – and her glass-reinforced plastic hull gives the ship the same magnetic signature as a fridge freezer. She is equipped with Type 2093 variable depth sonar, and has the ability to detect an object the size of a football 600m below the surface.

HMS Ramsey could travel from London to Birmingham 25 times on one tank of fuel! She is one of the quietest vessels in the fleet, and is specially designed with a very low magnetic and acoustic signature.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

40 personnel

On board

8 specialist divers

Operating at depths below 60m 

53 metres

Total length

Our skills

Our skills

HMS Ramsey specialises in finding and destroying underwater dangers. The crew are adept at safely clearing the seas, using specialist skills and equipment including:

  • Slow Speed Drives makes the ship exceptionally quiet. 
  • HMS Ramsey’s Clearance Diving Element is made up of eight trained and certified divers for mixed gas and air sets to 60m (self-contained) and 50m (surface-supplied).

Her crew are multi-skilled – for example, the head Chef is supported by a one AB Chef, assisted by an AB Diver (‘Tanky’). Together, who they prepare the Ship’s Company their 3 square!

Our operations

Current operation

NATO Mine Counter-Measures Maritime Group

Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea

Mine clearance exercises and security patrols to support the UK's maritime commitment to NATO operations.

Our base

Our base

Northern Europe

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Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Joel Roberts

Roberts began his career in 2006 with the Royal Naval Reserve in HMS Scotia before joining Britannia Royal Naval College in 2007 as a Warfare Officer. Whilst on Atlantic Patrol Task (North) in the Caribbean supporting UK Overseas Territories he conducted counter narcotics operations with an embarked US Coastguard law enforcement detachment.


HMS Ramsey's Role

HMS Ramsey was commissioned in 1999. She is equipped with a glass-reinforced plastic hull to help conceal her presence from sea-mines, and an incredibly quiet propulsion system. This unique construction makes her one of our most expensive ships per meter, but at just 52.5 metres long, Ramsey is well worth it.

She provides an invaluable service keeping shipping lanes open, and detecting and destroying underwater dangers. Minehunters are regularly be seen conducting mine hunting and mine clearance operations in the UK and the Middle East.

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