HMS Middleton (M34)

HMS Middleton uses high-powered sonar, remote underwater vehicles and a crew of divers to deal with sea-bed threats. Her role in providing safety at sea is vital to protecting the UK economy and clearing the way for military operations. 

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

1,500+ nautical miles

Total range

45 personnel

On board

685 tonnes

Total displacement

Our operations

Current operation

Operation Kipion

Middle East

HMS MIDDLETON is currently forward based in Bahrain as part of OPERATION KIPION – a standing operation which has been fulfilled by MCMVs for 15 years in the Middle East. She operates with 2 crews, rotating every 4 months. MIDDLETON is currently operated by MCM2 Crews 4 and 7 who will each complete 3 deployments over a 2 year period.

Our base

Our base

HMNB Portsmouth

Whilst HMNB Portsmouth is her home port, MIDDLETON will be Forward Based from the Naval Support Facility in Bahrain for several years. 

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Commanding Officer - MCM2 Crew 8

Lieutenant Commander S J R Stephens

Commanding Officer - MCM2 Crew 6

Lieutenant Commander Alex Knight

HMS Middleton's role

HMS Middleton’s primary role is to protect vital sea lanes and ensure access to sea bases. It’s a job of considerable importance, safeguarding the global security of energy supplies and contributing to wider safety at sea. There are always four of the Royal Navy’s Mine Counter Measures Vessels operating in the Persian Gulf at any one time, which means HMS Middleton plays a key role in maintaining peace and stability in the region.

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