HMS Cattistock (M31)

HMS Cattistock is a minehunter. Her crew use innovative technology and carefully honed skills to to clear the oceans of hidden dangers.

HMS Cattistock (M31) is currently on deployment

Standing NATO Mine Countermeasure Group 1

Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea

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The small, but perfectly formed Cattistock is built from glass-reinforced plastic which makes her somewhat less noticeable to the lurking dangers in the minefield. She is a Hunt-class minehunter, and lives up to her name by using high definition sonar to hunt the world's seabeds for mines and lost explosives.

Once the modern or historic target has been identified, her crew get to work to safely neutralise dangers using either the on-board clearance diving teams or the Seafox mine disposal system.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

1,500+ nautical miles

Total range

3.4 metres

Width (beam) at widest point

685 tonnes

Total displacement

Our operations

Current operation

Exercise Trident Juncture


NATO's largest exercise in 20 years, Trident Juncture ensures we are ready for any emerging crisis, from any direction.

Our base

Our base


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Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Claire Thompson

Claire joined the Royal Navy in 2005 and having conducted Fleet Time in HM Ships Nottingham and Tyne, joined HMS Severn for her first complement assignment as the Correspondence Officer and subsequently the Operations Officer.

HMS Cattistock's role

Minehunters like Cattistock play a vital role in maintaining the freedom of navigation on the high seas and supporting the UK’s international trade by searching for (and safely removing) mines so larger ships can enjoy safe passage.

Her next mission is to join the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG1) as part of a three month deployment to the Baltic Sea. She will take part in a series of multinational exercises and operations alongside their NATO partners, including Force Integration Training and Historical Ordnance Disposal.

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