HMS Montrose (F236)

HMS Montrose is one of the Royal Navy’s thirteen Type 23 Frigates. She is stationed at HMNB Devonport, but supports missions all over the world. 

HMS Montrose (F236) is currently on deployment

Operation Kipion

Middle East

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Type 23 Frigates are essential all-rounders, fast, adaptable and ready to take on tasks from antipiracy patrols to providing humanitarian aid.  
HMS Montrose – the 5th of the frigate fleet – has highly sensitive suite of radars which allows the ship to track aircraft and missiles up to 120 miles, and a missile system with a 20+ mile range. 
She is equipped with sonar to detect submarines and a helicopter armed with torpedoes and depth charges, which means – if we have to – she can take the fight to submarines many miles away from the ship.   
The Ship’s motto is “Mare ditat rosa decorat”: the sea enriched but the rose adorns. 
In 2012 the ship acted as the escort vessel for Queen Elizabeth II during her Diamond Jubilee visit to Cowes.  
Before entering her most recent refit, HMS Montrose was awarded the Fleet Effectiveness Trophy for best frigate in the Royal Navy in 2014. 

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

420,377 miles

Covered since commissioning

7,500+ miles

Maximum range without refuelling 

4,950 tonnes

Total displacement

Our skills

Our skills

Fast, adaptable and well-equipped, HMS Montrose makes a big contribution to our mission. She can: 

  • Provide disaster relief and humanitarian aid
  • Conduct anti-piracy patrols
  • Enforce UK national sovereignty
  • Act as a platform to demonstrate UK Trade and Industry overseas
  • Contribute towards the UK’s commitment to NATO
  • Protect other vessels from either air, surface or sub-surface attack.

Our Operations

Current operation

Maintenance and Sea Trials

United Kingdom

Just like a regular service for your car, all ships go through maintenance to ensure best performance.

Our base

Our base

United Kingdom

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Commanding Officer

Commander Ollie Hucker

One of Commander Ollie Hucker's career highlights include embarking in the American aircraft carrier the USS George H W Bush, with the UK Carrier Strike Group, and engaging in a multitude of operational exercises with numerous staffs from multiple nations.


Regeneration from refit

HMS Montrose has just emerged from a major refit to update both systems and crew accommodation. When the previous Ship’s Company packed up their belongings and handed the ship over to the refit company, a skeleton crew remained. These valued engineers and logisticians have worked with civilians to oversee the ship’s evolution, working through a tried and tested process called the SARC (Safety and Readiness Check) as Montrose returned to sea.  
1. Ship Staff Move Onboard – from only a handful of sailors, the Ship’s Company grows to around 180 personnel. 2. Post Upkeep Trials (PUST) Programme – keys systems are tested and proven correct before taking the ship to sea. 3. Operational Sea Training – the ship headed out to sea for 6 weeks for training to test performance in a diverse span of situations from maintaining equipment at sea, through to operating in a chemical warfare environment.  

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