HMS Montrose (F236)

The 20 year old HMS Montrose, is currently undergoing sea trials in preparation for her return to deployment after competing her recent refit in Plymouth where she had extensive upgrades to the ship's combat and weapons systems.

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After undergoing this deep routine maintenance, that is not possible when the ship is at sea, the ship is ready for many more years of service for the Royal Navy.

HMS Montrose's last operation saw her take part in BALTOPS, a period of high tempo multinational maritime exercise in the Baltic Sea.

She also had operational experience operating off the coast of Syria as part of the Danish-led Operation RECSYR, a UN mission tasked with escorting and protecting the merchant shipping that contain the ingredients previously used by Syria to manufacture chemical weapons.

HMS Montrose checks out her kit in Norway


HMS Montrose (F236) Latest News

Carrier strike operations a step closer for Royal Navy

Defence Secretary announces Type 23 base port moves

Defence Secretary announces Type 23 base port moves

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Current operation Training exercises

The unit is being put through its paces in preparation for returning to front line operations.

  • Maritime security

    British ships and units, which include the Royal Marines, are committed to operations around the world. Operations focus on maritime security, reassurance and wider regional engagement to build regional maritime capability.

Location Plymouth

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Unit History

Ship History1919

The Admiralty-type destroyer was designed as a command ship for a WW1 flotilla. The war had ended before she was ready to join the Fleet.

Ship History1919

Commissioned in 1919, HMS Montrose was sent to the Mediterranean, helping to evacuate White Russian troops from Novorossisk in March 1920 during the Russian Civil War.

Ship Duties1930

When her Mediterranean duties were done, Montrose returned to UK waters and spent most of the 1930s in reserve.

Battle Honours1939

Atlantic 1939-40


Montrose was reactivated to hunt U-boats in the Atlantic initially, then ordered to Dunkirk. She brought more than 900 men home before bomb damage prevented further trips to France.

Battle Honours 19401940

Dunkirk - 1940

Escort Duties1942

Once repaired, Montrose resumed more typical escort duties, including the bitter Arctic Convoys, before supporting the liberation of France by joining the Normandy invasion fleet.

Battle Honours1942

Arctic 1942-43, North Sea 1942-44

Battle Honours1943

English Channel 1943-44


The destroyer was badly damaged after D-Day in a collision with a US merchant ship. She never put to sea again and was broken up in 1946.

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Commanding Officer Conor O'Neill

Rank: Commander

Commander Conor O'Neill joined the Royal Navy in 1999, he assumed command of HMS Montrose in April 2017.

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Engineering Technician (Weapon Engineering)

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Ship's Motto

Mare ditat rosa decorat - The sea enriches, the rose adorns

HMNB Devonport

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Displacement: 4,900 tonnes; length: 133m; beam: 16.1m; complement: 185