HMS Iron Duke is pleased to be affiliated with the following:

    •    His Grace the Duke of Wellington

    •    The Duke of Wellington's Regiment

    •    31 Squadron, RAF

    •    The City of Kingston upon Hull

    •    The Worshipful Company of Founders

    •    Wellington College

    •    Training Ship IRON DUKE

    •    Uppingham School CCF

    •    TS Dido Sea Cadet Unit, Bolton

    •    The Island of Jersey

The Duke of Wellington's Regiment, (West Riding) 1702 - 2002

The Regiment is one of the few Infantry Regiments remaining in the British Army Order of Battle still unamalgamated or undisbanded. The Regiment has drawn soldiers from its home county of the West Riding form some 250 years. Our traditional recruiting area is the west of the old West Riding,stretching from settle to Skipton, Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield. In 1967, with the disbandment of the York and Lancaster Regiment, this was to include Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield, the 'Y and Ls' old recruiting area. Today some 50% of the Regiment's soldiers come from South Yorkshire and Sheffield.

In 1782 the name of the 33rd Regiment of Foot was changed to 33rd (or 1st Yorkshire) (West Riding) Regiment. In 1783, Arthur Wellesley, later to be the first Duke of Wellington, joined the 33rd Regiment of Foot and subsequently commanded it until 1803. He succeeded as Colonel in 1806 and held this post until 1813. The 33rd later fought under him at Waterloo. The Duke died in 1852 and the following year, because of the long and uniquely close ties between the Duke and the Regiment, the Regiment's title was changed to the 33rd (or The Duke of Wellington's Regiment). The association between the Regiment and the Duke of Wellington's family continues today and the current Duke of Wellington is the Colonel-in-Chief of the Regiment. He is the only person to hold such an appointment who is not a member of the Royal Family.

In 1881 the 33rd was linked with the 76th Foot, which had been raised in 1787. They became respectively the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment). During the First World War 21 Battalions were raised, 14 of which were engaged on the Western Front, in France and Flanders, Italy and at Gallipoli. IN the Second World War, battalions of the Regiment took part in the campaigns of Dunkirk, Burma, North Africa, Italy and North West Europe. In 1948 the 1st and 2nd Battalions, the two regular army battalions, amalgamated into a single battalion, the 1st. Since then it has fought in Korea, completed numerous tours in Northern Ireland and trained in all parts of the world from the Arctic to the Caribbean.

The Regiment has also been part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces both in Cyprus and, more recently, in Bosnia. The 1st Battalion has just completed a successful tour in Kosovo where they were responsible for security in Pristina and played a key role in inhibiting the movement of arms across the border into Macedonia.