Southern Diving Group

The Southern Diving Group is one of the Royal Navy’s two Fleet Squadron Area Diving Groups. With exceptional bravery and skill, the Southern Diving Group keep British waters free from explosive ordnance.

Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Sean Heaton

Lieutenant Commander joined the Royal Navy in 1987. He is now in command of Southern Diving Group.


Southern Diving Group's role

With a day job that combines bomb disposal and underwater diving, the Mine Clearance Divers of the Southern Diving Group are among the most highly skilled and fearless personnel in the Royal Navy.

Made up of around 60 highly skilled Royal Navy Mine Clearance Divers, Southern Diving Group’s primary role is to keep UK waters free from unexploded wartime ordnance. Despite their age, unexploded bombs and mines pose a serious threat both to the public and to critical national infrastructure.

Southern Diving Group also carries out a range of more general duties, from water maintenance and repair to battle damage assessments.


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