Northern Diving Group

There are divers. Then there’s the Northern Diving Group. These experts dispose of bombs and marine mines, repair submarines, and undertake underwater rescues.

The Northern Diving Group (NDG) includes 40 Royal Navy Clearance Divers and their specialist support staff. 

Military Aid to Civil Authorities (MACA) is the team’s most frequent responsibility. 

Responsibility starts at the high water mark in Liverpool, up to the Orkneys, clockwise around to Hull.

Most Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) tasks involve historic ordnance, the life-threatening legacy of bombing raids and significant mining activity during the Second World War. 

In 2017, the unit recovered historic Dambusters-style bouncing bombs from Loch Striven!

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

Round the clock support
8 crew

On duty watch

38 personnel

Group strength

Our skills

Our skills

Diving and Explosive Ordnance Disposal expertise – safely disposing of mines and bombs.

Military Aid to Civil Authorities (MACA) – diving on stricken vessels to recover of crew, and safely dispose of underwater explosives.

Operational maintenance and repairs to submarines – NDG has an on-call 24/7/365 ‘flyaway’ team, who are ready to support Vanguard-class, Astute-class and Trafalgar-class boats.

Day-to-day dockyard assistance at Faslane – underwater security for submarines as they come in and out of the base.

NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS) – NDG provides a team at 48hrs notice to support the submarine rescue system.

Our base

Our base


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Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Mark Shaw

All the Northern Diving Group (NDG)

The Northern Diving Group is regularly called upon to help civil authorities like the police, coast guard and fire service if they need help with situations that could involve explosives. They provide a 24/7/365 Maritime Explosive Ordnance Disposal (MEOD) service – the NDG are bomb disposal experts in the water. 

All NDG clearance divers are trained in MEOD techniques, proficient in four different diving sets and are qualified in the operation of recompression chamber operations in order to support their mission.


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