HMS York

HMS York was the UK's youngest Type 42 destroyer and also the fastest (34 knots, 39 mph). She was Launched in 1982 and accepted into the Fleet in March 1985. In September 2012, a ceremony at Portsmouth Naval Base officially marked the end of HMS York’s 27-year Royal Navy career.

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The spring of her birthday year was spent in the Falklands – a busy deployment that saw her travel more than 25,000 nautical miles.

The Type 42 destroyer clocked up more than 750,000 miles protecting the UK’s interests across the world and was decommissioned as the ageing fleet of Type 42s make way for the hi-tech Type 45 destroyers.

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Unit History

Ship History1703

The first ship of this name gave sterling service during the Dutch Wars of the late 17th century. After a spell in the Mediterranean, she foundered and was wrecked off the Shipwash in 1703.

The Second York1741

Launched in 1706 her service took her to the Baltic with Admiral Byng and to the East Indies. She took part in the defence of Gibraltar and the attempt on Cartagena in 1741.

The Third York1748

Launched in 1748 and armed with 12 guns, the third York was a small tender which served with Boscawen in the East Indies.

The Fourth York1753

Next came a 60-gun fourth rate of 1,203 tons, launched in 1753.
She played a key role in the bombardment and capture of Louisburg.She returned from the east to be broken up in 1772.

The Fifth York1777

Bought and commissioned in 1777, the fifth HMS York was captured by the French in 1778 and retaken a month later. She was lost again at the fall of Grenada one year on.

The Sixth York1796

The sixth York was a storeship and the seventh a third rate launched in 1796.

The Eighth York1807

Launched in 1807 she was posted to the West Indies and involved in the bold capture of the island stronghold of Martinique. In 1819 she returned to Portsmouth as a prison hulk then broken up in 1854.

The Ninth York1907

Built in 1907 she was commissioned into the Royal Navy to serve as an armed boarding steamer during the First World War, when she was armed with one 4in and two 12 pdr guns.

The Last York1930

The last HMS York was commissioned in 1930. A brief but very active war career ending as one of the casualties in the battle for Crete when she was disabled at Souda Bay on 26 March 1941. 

The Present York1982

The present HMS York was launched in1982 at Wallsend. Her funnel badge, a red cross with lions passant is from the coat of arms of the City of York, and the ship's crest is the White Rose of York

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