HMS Trenchant

HMS Trenchant

HMS Trenchant was launched on 3 November 1986 in front of a special guest – war hero Vice Admiral Sir Arthur Hezlet, who commanded the wartime Trenchant with notable success.

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All Royal Navy submarines are nuclear-powered, giving them virtually unlimited range and the ability to stay submerged for as long as the crew's food supply holds out.

Although she has been around for more than two decades, Trenchant is an impressively powerful war machine.

She was given a major refit and overhaul in the first half of the last decade, during which time her nuclear reactor was refuelled, at which time she was also fitted with state-of-the-art Sonar 2076, which is being built into the new Astute-class boats which will replace Trenchant and her sisters

Submarine HMS Trenchant breaks through the ice of the North Pole


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Royal Navy submarine breaks through Arctic ice for major exercise


Submariners from HMS Trenchant prepare for life at sea again

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Unit History

The First Trenchant1916

Launched on 23 December 1916, she was capable of 35 knots and served in World War 1 with the 15th Destroyer Flotilla.
She was sold in November 1928 to be broken up at Faslane.

The Second Trenchant1943

The second, a T-class submarine launched on 24 March 1943, was assigned to the 4th Submarine Squadron based in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. Early duties included landing of special forces in Sumatra.

A Brilliant Attack1945

8 June 1945 she was operating out of Fremantle alongside HMS Stygian, sinking the Japanese cruiser Ashigara. described as one of the most brilliant attacks of the war; 5 of her 8 torpedoes struck.

After the War1963

After the war Trenchant operated out of Rosyth and Malta, but was sold in July 1963 and arrived in Faslane later that month to be broken up for scrap.

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She was launched 3 November 1986

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