HMS Talent

HMS Talent

Launched in 1988 the Submarine has conducted operations all around the world. The principal role of the ‘hunter-killer’ is to attack ships and other submarines.

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In this capacity they could support and protect a convoy or taskforce. Additionally Talent can be used in a surveillance role as she is fitted with cameras and thermal imaging periscopes. Talent is also fitted with Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAM) which gives the boat a land attack role.

HMS Talent begins operational training

HMS Talent to begin operational sea training


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HMS Talent at Dawlish Armed Forces Day 2017


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Unit History

The First Two Talents Part 11942

The first Talent was a T-boat, laid down in mid-October 1942, but before she was launched on July 17 the following year she was transferred to the Dutch Navy as the Zwaardvisch (Swordfish).

The First Two Talents Part 21943

The 2nd Talent was ordered, but as the fortunes of war swung in the Allies’ favour she was cancelled. Two Talents down, but neither flying a White Ensign – the first started life as HMS Tasman.

The Third Talent1945

Launched on February 13 1945, she was instrumental in helping develop the Ship’s Inertial Navigation System in 1948, essential to modern nuclear boats, and was later streamlined and modernized.

Four People Killed1954

She was also swept out of dry dock at Chatham in 1954 when the dock gate lifted, killing four people. She spent the latter part of her career in the Mediterranean before being paid off in 1966.

Talent sold1970

She was sold in January 1970 and broken up later the same year at Troon.

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HMS Talent was the last submarine to be launched down a slipway.


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