HMS Tireless

HMS Tireless

HMS Tireless was decommissioned after nearly 30 years of largely secret and silent service at an emotional service in HM Naval Base Devonport on 19 June 2014.

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In the past twelve months HMS Tireless has spent just seven weeks in her base port following a deployment to the Mediterranean, a busy displaced maintenance period in Faslane, and a final East of Suez deployment. The submarine becomes the third Trafalgar Class vessel to be decommissioned in Plymouth.

The submarine worked right up to the end and, unusually, was the centre of world events when she helped in the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 with her underwater sonar.

HMS Tireless decommissions

HMS Tireless leaves active service


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HMS Tireless home for final time


Royal Navy concludes search for missing aircraft

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Unit History

The First Tireless1943

The first was launched on 19 March 1943 and completed on 18 April 1945. By the time she had worked up and sailed to Hong Kong it was November and the war was long over.

Travelling the World1946

In 1946, she took part in numerous exercises in the Far East making visits to Australia and Japan before returning to the UK in October, spending most of her subsequent career in European waters.


She was sold in September 1968 and broken for scrap in Newport later that year.

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Launched on 17 March 1984. Decommissioned 19th June 2014

HMNB Devonport

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