Special Boat Service Reserve

Special Boat Service (Reserve)

The Special Boat Service (Reserve) (SBS(R)) offers a unique experience and opportunity for selected individuals to serve with their regular counterparts.

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SBS(R) is based in the South of England but recruits nationwide.

Successful candidates will need to display a high degree of commitment and fitness as the majority of the selection process is conducted to regular standard alongside the regular component.

Enquiries are by email only, ideally through your Chain of Command.

The 2016DIN07-064 (Amended Nov 16) provides more detail, this can only be viewed via Dii.

Email: SBSReserveRecruiting@mod.uk

If deemed suitable, applicants will be sent joining instructions for a five-day SBS Briefing Course. The course is designed to assess whether you have the aptitude, physical ability and stamina to pass UKSF Selection.


  • Must be a serving member of UK reserve Forces
  • Nationwide recruitment   
  • High physical fitness entry standards
  • A high degree of commitment required
  • Opportunity to serve overseas alongside regular counterpart

Reservists handed coveted Green Berets


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