45 Commando

45 Commando

45 Commando Group, based at RM Condor near Arbroath, are an Amphibious Commando Unit that form part of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines.

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This year 45 Commando are the Standing Tasks Commando. This requires them to conduct a significant range of activities, both at home and abroad.

 These include providing ships’ force protection teams for Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels deployed around the globe, contributing to UK domestic resilience, and supplying training teams to help develop foreign Armed Forces.

Marines from the Unit regularly deploy outside of the United Kingdom conducting operations or training exercises and are capable of operating in a variety of theaters including jungle, desert or arctic warfare.

45 Commando Group was formed in 1943 and saw its first active service at the Normandy Invasion in 1944.

The Right Reverend Susan Brown on board Glasgow & Strathclyde University Royal Navy Unit’s training boat HMS Pursuer.

Right Reverend Susan Brown visits Royal Navy in Scotland


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Current Deployment Standing Tasks Commando Unit

The Unit is currently fulfilling various global and domestic commitments.

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Unit History

Unit Formation1943

Formed in August 1943, the unit played its part in World War II, including D-Day landings in Normandy, the push through Holland and crossing s of the Rhine, Weser and Elbe rivers.

Post-War Years1946

Overseas operations in Palestine, Suez (where it performed the first ever, operational helicopter assault in 1956), Malaya, Aden and Cyprus.

New Home1971

After returning to the UK in 1967 after 24 years operational service abroad, the Commando moved to its current base in Arbroath in 1971.

Falkland Islands1982

Took part in Operation Corporate, Falkland Islands. 45 Commando 'yomped' across the island of East Falkland and successfully defeated Argentine forces in the crucial battle for Two Sisters.

Northern Iraq1991

In 1991 it deployed to Northern Iraq on a humanitarian assistance mission to provide a safe haven for the Kurdish people.


In 1994 the unit was dispatched to reinforce the Kuwaiti border against renewed Iraqi aggression.

Hurricane Mitch1998

In 1998 whilst exercising in the Caribbean with HMS Ocean, the unit was on hand to provide humanitarian assistance after Hurricane Mitch devastated Nicaragua and Honduras.

Operation Jacana2002

Deployed to Afghanistan on Operation Jacana in support of the war against terrorism, to deny territory to Al Qaeda and simultaneously destroy their infrastructure and weapon caches.

Operation Telic2003

Large elements of 45 Commando deployed with 3 Cdo Bde on Operation Telic with the objective of ridding Saddam Hussein's regime of its weapons of mass destruction

Northern Ireland2004

In January 2004 the unit deployed to Northern Ireland for 6 months in support of peacekeeping operations, returning home in June.

Exercise Blackhorse, USA2004

They deployed to the USA on Exercise Blackhorse, with the United States Marines Corps Ground-Air Combat Centre at 29 Palms and at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Centre


2006 saw the Unit deploy to Norway for further arctic training which culminated with a NATO-led exercise.

Op Herrick 5, Afganistan2006

Deployed to Afghanistan on Operation Herrick 5. The Commando took on a number of different roles, the principal one being that of the Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team (OMLT).

Op Herrick 9, Afganistan2008

October 2008 saw the Commando return to Afghanistan on Operation Herrick 9. The operational area of responsibility was the Upper Sangin Valley extending for 80 km along the Helmand River.

Cold Weather Training2009

Winter 2009 saw the unit return to Norway where it once again honed its collective cold weather warfare and amphibious skills.

Commanding Officer Duncan Forbes

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Lt Col Forbes joined Royal Marines in 1999. He took command of 45 Commando on the 31st August 2017.

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