1 Assault Group

1 Assault Group

1 Assault Group Royal Marines (1 AGRM) is the lead for amphibious warfare and Royal Navy board and search training. The group is tasked with training and developing core amphibious and surface assault skills and equipment.

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The Group is responsible for 4 subordinate units which deliver the vast spectrum of training and operations required in delivering amphibious and surface assault capability of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

Under 1 AGRM comes 10 (Landing Craft) Training Squadron which delivers trained landing craftsmen training as well as small boats, engineering and assault navigation training. 

11 Amphibious Trials and Training Squadron in Instow, North Devon deliver training that covers the area between the craft and the beachhead. 

The Instow squadron also conducts the trials and testing of future crafts. 

The Royal Navy School of Board and Search at HMS Raleigh in Torpoint trains both individuals and ship’s boarding teams to conduct the full range of boarding operations that is required by the Naval Service. 

In addition, 1AGRM is also tasked with parenting the Assault Squadrons of the Royal Marines (ASRMs) and their Landing Craft detachments which are assigned to the amphibious assault ships. 

These ASRMs provide the landing craft and therefore the fighting capability for the Royal Navy’s Amphibious Capital Ships, HMS Ocean and the Albion Class Landing Platform Docks.

On the 2nd August 2013, 1 AGRM and 10 Training Squadron moved into their new home at RM Tamar in Devonport, which was formally opened by Prince Harry.

Royal Marines show firepower in the heart of London


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Naval Service personnel thanked for vital boat delivery

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Current operation Training

Royal Marines are routinely put through their paces in preparation for commencing or returning to front line operations, or for rapid deployment at a moment's notice as required by the Government of the United Kingdom.

  • Operation Gritrock

    he MOD is providing aviation support ship RFA Argus, Merlin helicopters from 820 NAS and military personnel to support efforts to tackle Ebola.

Ready to fight

When diplomacy fails, the UK has to be ready to protect its interests and its allies. What’s more, as a member of NATO and the UN, the UK also acts to support the enforcement of UN resolutions and come to the aid of our allies. This is where the Royal Marines come in: we train to go where we’re needed – by sea, land or air – and deploy our forces with the aim of restoring peace.

Protecting our economy

Maritime trade is the lifeblood of the UK economy and industry. 95% of Britain’s economic activity depends on the oceans. And every year Britain imports goods worth £524 billion.

The UK is so dependent on the seas for its prosperity, that without the Royal Navy acting as a deterrent the effect on the economy would be overwhelming.

Location UK

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Unit History

1 AGRM relocates2013

On the 2nd August, 1 AGRM relocated to their new home at RM Tamar in HM Naval Base Devonport, Plymouth

Royal Marines 354

On 28th October 2018 the Royal Marines will celebrate their 354th anniversary. 354 years of unbroken service, of protecting the Nation's security. 354 years of timeless distinction. 

354 years of the Royal Marines

Commanding Officer Graeme Armour

Rank: Colonel

Colonel Armour joined the Royal Marines in 1985. He took command of 1 AGRM in September 2014.

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