RFA Orangeleaf

RFA Orangeleaf

RFA Orangeleaf, now decommissioned, is a tanker with a cargo capacity of 22,000 cubic metres of diesel, 3,800 cubic metres of Avcat (aviation fuel) and a limited capacity for refrigerated and general naval stores.

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The ship began life as a merchant vessel, MV Balder, London, before joining the RFA Fleet. She had a major refit in 1985 which fitted her with gantries and other equipment, enabling her to carry out replenishment at sea (RAS).

She has no aviation facilities but is capable of self-defence, with two 20mm gun and four 7.62mm self-defensive armament.

RFA Orangeleaf has had a long and distinguished life, serving with the RN and other navies during the Gulf War of 1991.

She is now decommissioned.

RFA orangeleaf

Royal Fleet Auxiliary bids farewell to RFA Orangeleaf


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Natural England visits RFA Orangeleaf

Natural England visits RFA Orangeleaf

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Unit History


12 February 1975, launched at Cammell Laird in Birkenhead as the Hudson Progress


Sailed Portsmouth, requisitioned for service during the Falklands Conflict.


Chartered by the MOD and renamed Orangeleaf; then spent the next two years for conversion and entered operational service

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The current ship is the third Orangeleaf in the RFA Fleet