RFA Diligence

RFA Diligence

RFA Diligence was designed to provide repair and maintenance for ships and submarines operating away from their home ports in the UK.

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RFA Diligence (A132) was a sophisticated, multi-purpose ship, fitted with a wide range of workshops for hull and machinery repairs, as well as the facilities for supplying electricity, water, fuel, air, steam, cranes and stores to other ships and submarines.

Originally operating as the MV Stena Inspector, Diligence was designed for commercial operation as an offshore maintenance and Diving Support Vessel.

In 1982 she was chartered by the Ministry of Defence for Service in the South Atlantic. Purchased by the Ministry of Defence in 1983, and converted to a Forward Repair Ship (FRS), the ship was commissioned as RFA Diligence in March 1984 and manned by the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. 

HMS Westminster and RFA Diligence take part in high speed escort exercise


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RFA Diligence and HMS Montrose working together

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Unit History

Ship Launched1980

Built as a Rig Support Vessel in 1980 in Sweden for Stena Line as the MV Stena Inspector

The Falklands Conflict1982

MV Stena Inspector was requisitioned into service as a Fleet Repair Ship; she was bought outright in 1983.

Battle Honours1991

During the Gulf Conflict, she operated as the Base Support ship and supported the damaged US ships USS Tripoli and Princeton. Awarded the 1991 Kuwait battle honour.

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