Maritime Aviation Support Force

Based at RNAS Culdrose, the Maritime Aviation Support Force (MASF) provides a simple “one stop shop” to meet personnel requirements and provide essential naval aviation support to operations for ships and land bases globally.

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When a Squadron of Naval aircraft deploys to a ship or any other detached operating base, it is essential that the various supporting facilities are available to cope with any situation.

Flight Deck activities, Logistic and Catering Support, Operations, Engineering Support, even medical assistance, are all part of the specialist services which come from MASF. 

This dynamic organisation provides tailored teams, from two to over fifty personnel, of flight deck crews, fire-fighters, meteorologists, physical trainers, military policemen, survival specialists, aircraft controllers, logisticians, engineers, medics and many other specialists to allow the continued operation of naval aircraft worldwide.

Future plans will further expand MASF’s specialist teams to include Intelligence Officers, dentists, chaplains and others as required. 

Although the MASF headquarters and support staff are based at RNAS Culdrose, there are currently MASF personnel working in ships and shore bases throughout the world. 

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