829 NAS

829 Naval Air Squadron

829 Naval Air Squadron – The Kingfishers – supports Type 23 Frigate operations by providing Merlin Mk2 aircraft and associated Flight personnel.

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These Flights deploy with their ship, forming part of the ship’s company, around the UK or globally, conducting National Tasking or to protect UK interests abroad.

The Squadron provides headquarters logistical support to their three ship’s Flights whilst they are deployed in HMS St Albans, HMS Westminster or HMS Northumberland.

A ‘Flight’ is typically made up of approx. 15 personnel comprising aircrew (two pilots, one observer and one Aircrewman), a team of engineers and an Aircraft Controller as well as one Merlin Mk2 helicopter. 

A Type 23 with a Merlin Mk2 is a powerful combination, particularly in the Anti-Submarine Warfare role.  However, they can respond to a broad range of tasking such as Maritime Surveillance, Counter-Piracy or Counter-Narcotics. All such tasks live up to the Squadron's motto: 'Non Effugient' - they shall not escape.

Our Flights also provide support to humanitarian aid missions, provide disaster relief, carry passengers, perform heavy lift support and react to search & rescue situations, to name but a few examples.

When not embarked, 829 NAS aircraft and personnel are based at RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall.

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Culdrose Aircrewman reaches flying milestone

Culdrose Aircrewman reaches flying milestone

STEM day at RNAS Culdrose

829 Naval Air Squadron host STEM day at RNAS Culdrose

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Current operation Fleet Ready Escort

The Fleet Ready Escort is at short notice to react to any maritime threat to the UK including terrorism and smuggling of arms or narcotics and the like. The Fleet Ready Escort will spend the majority of the year in and around UK waters conducting training and exercises with various UK and military agencies and organisations.

  • Alongside

    Alongside in her home port of Portsmouth Naval Base

Providing security at sea

The UK has a responsibility to its citizens and its allies to endeavour to safeguard the high seas. This is why the Royal Navy protects home and international waters – making sure the global trade that Britain and the world depend on can proceed without a hitch.

Protecting our economy

Maritime trade is the lifeblood of the UK economy and industry. 95% of Britain’s economic activity depends on the oceans. And every year Britain imports goods worth £524 billion.

The UK is so dependent on the seas for its prosperity, that without the Royal Navy acting as a deterrent the effect on the economy would be overwhelming.

Location UK

Four locations are being used around the United Kingdom

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Unit History

In the Beginning..1940

Today’s 829 Naval Air Squadron is the fourth incarnation of a unit which traces its history back more than 70 years. The squadron began life in 1940 at RNAS Ford flying Fairey Albacore bombers.

New Squadron, New Battle Honours1940

In November they joined the carrier HMS Formidable in the Mediterranean and Middle East, hunting for the German cruiser Admiral Hipper and striking at targets in Italian-held Somaliland.

Battle Honours1941

Matapan 1941
Crete 1941
Mediterranean 1941

Invasion of Madagascar1942

Re-equipped with Swordfish and attached to HMS Illustrious the squadron subsequently took part in the invasion of Madagascar in 1942.

New Technology1943

Stood down in October 1942 it re-emerged 12 months later at HMS Daedalus as a torpedo-bomber reconnaissance unit operating Fairey Barracudas. It first struck at the German battleship Tirpitz.

Battle Honours1944

Norway 1944

After a 20 Year Absence1964

After a 20-year absence, 829 appeared once more in its longest incarnation, assuming its present-day role providing helicopter detachments for the Fleet in 1964.

Eliminating Saddam Hussein's Navy1991

Before it disbanded in 1994, it operated an asortment of Wasps, Whirlwinds and Wessex, and finally Lynx; the latter helped to eliminate Saddam Hussein’s Navy in the 1991 Gulf War.

The Third Incarnation1993

This third incarnation of the squadron came to an end in 1993 when 815 NAS took over parentage of all front-line Lynx ship’s flights.

Trafalgar Day2004

The squadron returned in its current form on Trafalgar Day 2004.

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Commanding Officer Kay Burbidge

Rank: Commander

Commander Kay Burbidge joined the Royal Navy in 1988. She took command of 829 NAS in June 2016.

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'Non Effugient' - they shall not escape


RNAS Culdrose

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