845 NAS

845 Naval Air Squadron

845 Naval Air Squadron provides support from the skies, with a crew of over 230 personnel who operate Merlin Mk 4, Merlin Mk 3a and Merlin Mk 3 helicopters. 

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Carrier Strike Group


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845 is a Naval Air Squadron, part of the Commando Helicopter Force. They support to 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines, providing essential support from the skies.

Founded in 1943, the  845’s nickname is the ‘Junglies’ from early operations in the jungles of Malaysia and Borneo in WW2. Their motto is Audio hostem – which means ‘hear the enemy’.

As well as hoists, load-carrying and passenger capacity, 845 has the ability to land almost anywhere and work from ships

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

4 tonnes

Cargo capacity

230+ personnel 

In the Squadron


Percentage of the squadron that is fully Arctic trained

Our skills

Our skills

  • Non-combatant Evacuation Operation (NEO)
  • Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HADR)
  • Maritime intra-Theatre Lift (MiTL) – 24 troops, four tonnes cargo or 30 cubic metres of internal cabin volume
  • Joint Personnel Recovery (JPR) – kit includes stretchers and first aid equipment
  • Deployed Search and Rescue (DSAR) – teams are trained in hoist (winch) and rescue swimming
  • Arctic conditions –  70% of the squadron is fully Arctic trained, ready to fly and maintain craft in wind, snow and temperatures down to -30°C

Our operations

Current operation

Carrier Strike Group


The Carrier Strike Group is our nation's spearhead. The role of the Carrier Strike Group is to act as a self-contained force that can work independently or as part of wider operations.

Our base

Our base


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Commanding Officer

Commander Rich Sturman

During his career, he has been on two deployments supporting UK SF Counter Narcotics and Counter Terrorism activity in Afghanistan.


845 Naval Air Squadron's role

Whether their helicopters are delivering vital water supplies as part of humanitarian operations or providing support from the skies in times of conflict, 845 Naval Air Squadron is well-equipped and well-prepared for a huge range of challenges.

They have seen active service in the Falklands, Kuwait, and the Gulf, and supported the UK’s humanitarian responses to the Philippines and Caribbean after natural disasters.

Did you know? The 845’s ‘R2’ (5-day) response capability is regularly exercised with no notice to crews. They took part simulated Arctic emergency in summer 2017, during which aircrew and support personnel rapidly deploy to Norway.

Unit history

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