736 NAS

736 Naval Air Squadron

As the Royal Navy’s maritime aggressor squadron, the pilots of 736 NAS provide airborne threat simulations that allow for realistic training at sea.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

1,000+ km/h

Top speed

9.39 metres


2,250+ km


Our base

Our base

RNAS Culdrose

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736 Naval Air Squadron's role

Equipped with Hawk T1 twin-seat fast jet aircraft, 736 Naval Air Squadron’s primary role is to provide simulated ship attacks for Royal Navy and NATO units in the run-up to deployment. The maritime specialists use their jets to replicate the threats from enemy fighter aircraft and high-speed sea-skimming missiles.

736 NAS also fly missions for students at the Royal Navy School of Fighter Control. Aerial battles between friendly and enemy jets are set up for the students to contend with, providing the live element of their training syllabus.

The Hawk jets, marked with the distinctive lightning bolt of 736 NAS, can often be found beyond the maritime environment; from close air support for land forces, to simulating attacks on helicopters to train the crews in fighter jet evasion.

Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Jason Flintham

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