857 NAS

857 Naval Air Squadron

857 NAS and sister squadron 854 are the airborne surveillance and control fleet of Sea King helicopters.

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The Mk7 ASaCs of 857 NAS embark with carrier task groups in the Navy's maritime operational environment, keeping track of aerial activity and watching over movements on the ocean.

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Fleet Air Arm gathers for awards

Fleet Air Arm gathers for awards

Palembang remembered on 70th anniversary

Palembang remembered on 70th anniversary

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Unit History

A Torpedo Bomber Squadron1944

The squadron was originally formed in April 1944 as a torpedo-bomber squadron flying Grumman Avengers.

Battle Honours1945

Its aircraft attacked oil refineries at Palembang as well as targets around Okinawa, the East China Sea and Formosa (today Taiwan).


Within three months of the war’s end, the squadron was disbanded. It only stood up again in December 2006 when 849 Naval Air Squadron was divided; its Bee Flight became 857.

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Commanding Officer James Hall

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Commander James Hall joined the Royal Navy in 2001, he is the Commanding Officer of 857 Naval Air Squadron.

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