854 NAS

854 Naval Air Squadron

854 NAS took turns with her sister unit, 857, to provide vital airborne monitoring of insurgent activity in southern Afghanistan, supplying ground units with key pieces of intelligence.

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Since early 2012, personnel have been involved in a multitude of tasks in a variety of environments. 

Exercise Taurus Mountain saw the build up to the 2012 Olympic Games, supporting the air defence plan over the skies of London as part of Op Olympics. 

On completion of the games 854 NAS began a rapid work up to embark in HMS Illustrious in support of Cougar 12, part of the maritime regeneration for the SKASaC Force. This culminated in deploying at end of 2012 to the Arabian Gulf to conduct Trial Kingsbury. 

2013 once again saw 854 NAS redeploy to the Arabian Gulf in support of Op Kipion for 6 months and included a short embarkation again in HMS Illustrious supporting of Cougar 13; involving maritime operations with a variety of aircraft including Army Apache and Lynx alongside RN Lynx. 

By the end of 2013, 854 NAS returned to the UK for pre-deployment training before returning to Op Herrick in May 2014 taking over the reigns from our sister Squadron 857. The squadron has now returned home to RNAS Culdrose from her tasking in Afghanistan.

854 NAS will continue to operate the Sea King Mk 7 ASaC until its successor, the Crowsnest is introduced.

A busy year for RNAS Culdrose


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Current operation Operational Sea Training

The ship/boat and her crew are being put through their paces in preparation for front line operations.

Location UK

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Unit History


We were formed in the United States in January 1944 and equipped with Grumman Avenger torpedo-bombers, taking part in operations supporting the Normandy landings.


The squadron was disbanded when it returned to the UK at the end of 1945 – and disappeared from the Fleet Air Arm inventory for 61 years.


It was resurrected in December 2006 when the existing Airborne Surveillance and Control squadron, 849, was divided. 854 was formed from 849’s Aardvark Flight.

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Commanding Officer Roger Kennedy

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Roger Kennedy joined BRNC Dartmouth in September 1997, completing Observer Flying Training on the Sea King Mk2 in December 1999 to join 849 NAS A Flight early 2000.

Roger took up his appointment as the Commanding Officer of 854 NAS in July 2014.

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