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848 Naval Air Squadron

848 Naval Air Squadron was the last front-line Sea King squadron of the Commando Helicopter Force and has now decommissioned.

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848 deployed en masse as a whole squadron, or dispatch individual flights (helicopters, pilots, engineers) to ships or exercises around the world depending on what was required.

The venerable Sea King went out of service with CHF in March 2016, ending a long era of impressive service which has seen the ‘Mighty King’ deployed to all corners of the world. 

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CHF personnel haul trucks through Yeovilton to mark LGBT history month

CHF personnel haul trucks through Yeovilton to mark LGBT history month

CHF family reunited as Merlins complete their move

CHF family reunited as Merlins complete their move to Yeovilton

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Unit History

World War II1943

The first incarnation of 848 began in 1943 with a dozen Grumman Avenger torpedo bombers. They saw the later stages of the conflict with Japan aboard HMS Formidable.

Battle Honours1944

Normandy 1944

Battle Honours1945

Okinawa 1945
Japan 1945

Anti-Terrorist Operations in Malaysia1952

With the Rising Sun defeated, the squadron disbanded. It rematerialised seven years later as the Royal Navy’s first operational helicopter squadron flying Whirlwinds.

Kuwait, Brunei and Borneo1958

The third phase in the life of the squadron began in 1958 as a specialist amphibious warfare squadron. Serving with HMS Bulwark during the Kuwait emergency of 1961.

In the Falklands1976

Disbanded in 1976, 848 was quickly re-formed in 1982 to provide flights for three Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships dispatched to the Falklands, plus the Atlantic Conveyor.

The First Gulf War1991

With the Falklands liberated, 848 stood down again… only to be recommissioned with Sea Kings in 1991 to support operations in the first Gulf War.

Training Role1995

Again with the war over, the squadron disbanded, but it returned in 1995 to assume the training role it continues to perform today.

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Commanding Officer Gavin Simmonite

Rank: Commander

Cdr Gavin Simmonite joined the Royal Navy in 1996. He assumed command of 845 Naval Air Squadron in 2013.

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