RNR Air Branch

RNR Air Branch

The Royal Naval Reserve Air Branch supports the Fleet Air Arm in times of stretch, crisis, tension and war. 

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Branch members have either served as regulars in the Naval Service or have significant maritime aviation experience. The Branch covers all trades and specialisations of the Fleet Air Arm. 

For reservists to remain current, they are attached to Squadrons, Air Stations and Units across the country, which they support in a variety of ways, and where reservists conduct their training. 

Administered from the Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) at Yeovilton, there is also a satellite office at RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall. For anyone thinking of joining the RNR Air Branch, all enquiries must be directed to RNAS Yeovilton. 

Postal Address: Royal Naval Reserve Air Branch, Cormorant House, RNAS Yeovilton, Ilchester, Somerset, BA22 8HL

Telephone: 01935 456472

London Reservists honoured for Lord Mayor's Show dedication


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Royal Naval Reserves unveil their summer Fast-Track Officer Scheme

Royal Naval Reserves unveil their summer Fast Track Officer Scheme

Air Branch reservist attends remembrance ceremony in Korea

Air Branch reservist attends remembrance ceremony in Korea

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Unit History


The Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Air Branch (RNVR(A)) was formed in 1937.

Battle History1945

During World War II, all Fleet Air Arm conscripts joined the Air Branch: by 1945 the Branch numbered 46,000.

RNVRA Reorganised1950

The RNVR(A) was reorganised in the 1950’s into five dedicated Divisions - Southern, Channel, Midland, Northern & Scottish - with a total of 12 squadrons. It was disbanded in 1957.

The Fleet Air Arm1980

The Royal Naval Reserve Air Branch was reformed in 1980, and has once again become an integral part of the Fleet Air Arm.

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