Volunteer Cadet Corps

Formed over 100 years ago to keep sailors’ children out of mischief, the Volunteer cadet Corps has become a flourishing youth organisation of 350 cadets across four units in the Portsmouth area.

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Youngsters enjoy training and competitions in military skills and sports while developing an awareness of community and service.

The Volunteer Cadet Corps is said to have originated with a bored lad with questionable football skills.

The VCC was set up to give the lad, and his friends, an alternative and more constructive way of passing the time.

The VCC is open to any youngster aged between nine and 18 who come from a naval or RM family, or whose parent(s) are civilian staff at an establishment, or who simply live in the vicinity of the base.

In addition to instruction in skills and sports, VCC cadets also get the chance to attend camps during school holidays and also represent their units at major public events such as Remembrance Day ceremonies and commemorations.

For further information please contact:

WO(VCC) Mike Fuller
Commanding Officer HMS Collingwood VCC
HMS Collingwood
Newgate Lane
PO14 1AS

Tel: 01329 332344

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There are three units in the Portsmouth area – HMS Sultan, HMS Collingwood and HMS Excellent