Royal Marines Cadet Regimental Council

The Royal Marines Cadets Regimental Council's role is to provide Royal Marines leadership, advice and coordination across the Royal Marines Cadets and to promote the interests and well-being of Royal Marines Cadets and instructors.

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The specific role of the council is to:

1. Be responsible for the Royal Marines and Cadet Corps covenant that will demonstrate the Corps’ commitment to youth: its implementation, oversight, improvement and development.

2. Create and maintain a Royal Marines Cadets philosophy and ethos based on a ‘virtual’ divisional structure of SCC, CCF and RMVCC. To develop, enhance and protect the reputation of Royal Marines Youth and the understanding of its place in the Royal Marines Corps family.

3. Work alongside other bodies such as the youth organisations that parent and sponsor Royal Marines Cadets, FOST1 and the wider Royal Marines community to enhance the organisational advantages they provide, and leverage the benefits of closer integration with the Royal Marines family such as the RM Charity and RM Association.

4. Assist in providing opportunities across the RM Cadets that will inspire young people to achieve success in life, become good citizens in their community, and to stimulate awareness of the Royal Marines, its achievements, qualities and values.

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