Support our next generation

The University Royal Naval Unit (URNU) is here to give students a broader knowledge of the Royal Navy, while supporting their development through training. 

Being involved with URNU gives you the opportunity to take your skills further while helping cadets gain valuable transferable skills, from public speaking to leadership, and embark on experiences they will never forget. 

Why become part of the URNU Training Cadre?

  • As soon as you start, you’ll be part of the Royal Navy family, enjoying its unique sense of teamwork and camaraderie.
  • You’ll get to make a real difference to the lives of young people, setting them up for world-class military or civilian careers.
  • Gain qualifications in Command, Leadership and Management and Adventurous Training & Sport.
  • No call-up commitment means you can achieve the right work-life balance, excellent rates of pay and an annual tax-free bounty.
  • You only need to commit a minimum of 24 Reserve Service Days each year. 

Training Officer profile

SLt Charles, Wales URNU Training Officer

Civilian Career: Navigating Officer, Merchant Navy

The URNU appealed to me and my skillset as I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to train, develop and mentor Officer Cadets in their URNU experience. I had always wished to progress in the area of maritime education and the URNU has supported this by funding civilian recognised teaching qualifications whilst part of the URNU. The real benefit of being a Training Officer is the opportunity to make a difference. With my knowledge and expertise, I provide Officer Cadets with a platform to build upon during their chosen careers after the URNU.

There are plenty of opportunities for professional development through the Royal Navy as well as having the opportunity to be part of the wider military environment. Opportunities to take part and teach Adventurous Training are a real highlight. In terms of work-life balance, I have been able to balance the requirements of the URNU, my civilian career and my personal life, whilst making a real difference and thoroughly enjoying it. Living in Wales, it was hugely beneficial to be able to be a TO in a unit local to me.

Are you eligible?

URNU Officer

If you want to commit to a new challenge, and you are over 21 but under 50, and a British citizen, then you can apply!

Any of the below experience is desired:

  • Previous teaching experience
  • Experience in Adventurous Training & Sports
  • Skills and experience in marinisation
  • Previous experience with the URNU, Sea Cadet Corps or other military youth organisations

Service leavers and veterans of all ranks are welcome to apply.

URNU Senior Rating 

If you want to commit to a new challenge, and you are over 21, and a British citizen, then you can apply!

  • Must have left the Royal Navy/Maritime Reserves within the last three years and have held the rate of OR6 or above at the time of discharge.
  • The rank on entry for Senior Rates will be their ranks of discharge from the Service with their seniority & IBD adjusted to take account of any gaps in service.