Defence School of Marine Engineering Training Activities

Ship Systems Group (SSG) - Parsons Block

The Ships Systems Group, with a staff of 36 Officers, Senior Rating and Civilian Instructors, is contained within Parsons Block and the Lifting Equipment School. The Group is responsible for surface ship marine engineering PJT courses and is the functional group for control engineering, ship husbandry, environmental compliance, ship technology, high fidelity simulators and slinging and lifting equipment training.

Control engineering and diagnostics are taught in the case studies laboratories, where generic controls facilities are supported by type specific equipment. Additionally this section houses specialist training facilities which focus on digital and analogue control systems and hull vibration monitoring equipment.

Ship Machinery Group (SMG) - Watt Hangar, Morrell Block & Raper Block

The Ship Machinery Group (SMG) provides facilities and instruction to trainees in the operation and maintenance of main and auxiliary machinery currently fitted in HM Ships and Submarines.

Training focussing on specific equipment is also provided to Army and RAF personnel in addition to Officers and Ratings of a number of foreign navies.

Electrical Technology Group (ETG) - Faraday Block

The Electrical Technology Group (ETG) is housed in the southern end of Faraday Block. The section is responsible for providing Power and Distribution Training at the career, ADQUAL and PJT level for Mechanics, Artificers and Officers.

The instruction ranges from the use of test equipment in the practical fault finding facilities through to the use of sophisticated computer driven training aids such as the Type 23 Regulator Maintainer Trainer and the Type 42 Switchboard simulator.

Nuclear Systems Group (NSG) - Rutherford Block

In the Nuclear Systems Group (NSG), Officers and Ratings of the MESM specialisation are provided with training on the detailed operation of the nuclear steam raising plant and associated propulsion machinery Systems Engineering Group (SEG) The Systems Engineering Group (SEG) is responsible for systems engineering courses in both surface ships and submarines.