Schools at HMS Raleigh

Defence Maritime Logisitics School

The mission of the Defence Maritime Logistics School(DMLS) is to train Naval personnel as Logisticians in a number of disciplines (Logistics Officer, Supply Chain specialist, Chef, Steward and Writers) to equip them to serve on operations at sea.

Military Training Unit

The Military Training Unit (MTU) is the lead school for all Military Training within the Royal Navy. MTU provides cutting edge weapons training for sailors of all levels, ensuring they are fully prepared to protect themselves or their units on operations at sea and ashore.

Board and Search Training School

Board and Search training is an intensive three week training course. The training teaches individual skills and the roles and responsibilities of the team, and a collective training period where the team carry out a number of practice boardings by day and night.

Royal Navy Submarine School

The Royal Navy Submarine School provides training to officers and ratings specializing in Weapons Engineering and Warfare operations. Courses range from initial professional training to allow submariners to operate beneath the waves to later career courses which prepare personnel for promotion and to use new equipment.

Royal Navy School of Seamanship

The Royal Navy School of Seamanship provides career training for seaman specialists and seamanship safety training to all new entry recruits. It consists of a classroom based main school, a land based replenishment at sea training facility and a waterfront based sea sense training centre.

School of Maritime Survival

The School of Maritime Survival provides Royal Navy personnel with vital skills in fire-fighting, damage control and first aid to maintain safety. All sailors must undergo this training before taking up an appointment at sea.