Royal Navy Strategic Studies Centre

The Royal Navy's hub for academic and intellectual engagement.

The Royal Navy Strategic Studies Centre (RNSSC) serves as the Royal Navy’s ‘think tank’ and was established in December 2019 to contribute to the strengthening of the conceptual component of fighting power. 

The RNSSC is the hub for academic and intellectual engagement within the Royal Navy.  By harnessing the intellectual capital of academia, think tanks, and naval personnel, the RNSSC stimulates learning and critical thinking within the Naval Service.  It supports the transformation of academic awareness, access, analysis, and application in the Royal Navy and helps to inform strategy and policy decisions.  

The small team is comprised of a mix of military and civilian staff which form part of the wider Naval Staff. 

Our Mission

The Royal Navy Strategic Studies Centre enhances the Royal Navy’s strategic and conceptual contribution to defence through engagement with leading think tanks and academic departments.

It seeks to increase mutual understanding between the Royal Navy and this analytical community in order to improve the Navy’s conceptual access, capability, and thinking.

Admiralty’s War Diary | World War Two

In order to contribute to advancing debate, analysis and professional military education, the RNSSC will publish research and significant primary sources on its website to ensure they are freely available and highly accessible.

The Centre is digitalising the Admiralty’s War Diary for the Second World War and the 1939 volumes are published online on 17th December 2019, the date of RNSSC’s launch and also the 80th anniversary of the scuttling of the German raider Admiral Graf Spee, completing the Allied victory at the Battle of the River Plate.

The accompanying essay by Dr Edward Hampshire of the Naval Historical Branch outlines further reading that will help people to continue to explore the issues, actions and debates recorded in the War Diary.

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