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Royal Marines invoke memory of epic Falklands yomp for 40th anniversary fundraiser

30 March 2022
Commandos hope you can help raise £56,000 in memory of comrades who fought in the Falklands.

They’re organising a four-day physical challenge – and hope the public will join them for the final leg.

Back in 1982, Royal Marines yomped 56 miles across East Falkland to liberate the islands from Argentine occupation.

They faced bleak conditions – horrendous boggy terrain, wind, rain, sleet, low temperatures – not to mention a series of battles on hills outside the islands’ capital Stanley before reaching their objective.

Today’s generation of marines are performing the full march at their establishments all around the UK, encouraging friends, family and the broader public to join them for the final tenth of the distance.

The Falklands 40 fundraiser is the brainchild of Lieutenant Colonel Gary Green, one of a handful of 1982 veterans still serving in today’s Corps.

Forty years ago, aged 19, the then signaller with Kilo Company, 42 Commando, landed at San Carlos with his comrades.

He missed the bulk of the march into Stanley, ferried forward to Mount Kent to support SAS troops observing Argentine forces deployed around the Falklands’ capital.

He landed in the middle of a firefight and, once British forces had secured the peak, spent another week in the open before the bulk of 42 Commando arrived.

The Plymouth unit then skilfully ousted Argentine defenders from the slopes of Mount Harriet in one of the final set-piece actions of the war before marching down into Stanley after the surrender.

Four decades later, Gary, who serves at the Maritime Warfare Centre in HMS Collingwood, Fareham, hopes the Royal Marines family can join serving commandos for the final leg.

“We are asking our supporters to join in from wherever you are in the world,” he said. “Take part anywhere by running, walking, or cycling 5.6 miles.”

So far nearly £7,000 has been donated on behalf of the Royal Marines Charity, which supports marines and their families in times of need/hardship.

Anyone who raises more than £25 for the cause will receive a unique Falklands 40 / RM Commando 80 commemorative coin.

To take part – or make a donation – visit:


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