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Birmingham URNU students dig to help children

BURNU dig to help children
11 November 2019
Birmingham URNU students and their Commanding Officer spent two days working in the grounds of a school as part of their charity work.

Maintenance was carried out at St John Fisher RC Primary School in Kings Norton.

CO, Lt Cdr Chris Andrews was “hugely impressed” by the volunteering nature of the students who gave up free time between lectures. 

The main task during their time at the school was the regeneration of a children’s vegetable garden that had become overgrown.

By moving three tonnes of earth by hand 200 yards from the delivery sacks to the gardening beds as well as weeding, the school plans to use the site for the planting and nurturing of vegetables by children who live in the city who may never have seen crops in a field. 

In addition to the gardening work, the team also aided in the dismantling and removal of playground equipment that was no longer safe to use.

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