Falkland Islands Patrol Vessel

The South Atlantic Patrol is the Navy's standing commitment to the region in order to reassure the Islanders and maintain a sovereign presence around the South Atlantic Overseas Territories.

The South Atlantic Overseas Territory presents one of the harshest working environments for any Royal Navy ship's company. 

The territory is nearly 8,000 nautical miles from the UK and is subject to strong winds and high sea states. This environment requires the highest level of professionalism to operate in safely.

The Royal Navy has a patrol vessel on constant patrol around these waters in order to watch over the South Atlantic Overseas Territory.

What we are doing

Patrolling the waters around the Falkland Islands and South Georgia

Why we are there

To reassure the islanders in the UK's overseas territory

Providing security at sea

The UK has a responsibility to its citizens and its allies to endeavour to safeguard the high seas. This is why the Royal Navy protects home and international waters – making sure the global trade that Britain and the world depend on can proceed without a hitch.

Preventing Conflict

The Royal Navy’s presence on the world stage sends a powerful message that the UK is committed to global affairs and provides a stabilising influence. In this way we prevent conflict on the high seas and protect the flow of international trade on which our nation depends.  

Location Falkland Islands

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