Operation Gritrock

The UK’s pledge for military involvement includes: a commitment to provide further personnel to the region who will join the highly-skilled engineers, logisticians and planners that are already on the ground to support the construction of the Kerry Town Ebola treatment unit; support for a World Health Organisation-led Ebola training facility to assist in the training of healthcare workers, logisticians and hygienists who are needed to staff treatment units; this support includes the provision of over 200 military staff to run the site; three Royal Navy Merlin helicopters and aircrew and engineers from 820 Naval Air Squadron to facilitate the rapid movement of key personnel to areas where they are required; aviation support ship RFA Argus that will operate as a forward base for our helicopters

The UK armed forces have so far played a pivotal role in delivering the current British support as they work with the government of Sierra Leone to tackle the crisis.Using British expertise and local building contractors, the UK has committed to support 700 new beds in Ebola treatment facilities. This package will further support the country’s stretched public health services in containing the disease by helping up to nearly 8,800 patients over a 6-month period.