Operation Ruman

The UK government is providing military support in order to supply humanitarian and disaster relief to the Caribbean Islands left devastated by Hurricane Irma.

Named Operation Ruman, nearly 300 UK military personnel equipped with aid supplies left the UK to provide immediate relief to people who have seen their homes destroyed.

Departing from RAF Brize Norton, a C17, Voyager and A400M aircraft carried over 200 Royal Marines, as well as Engineers and specialist personnel from all three Services, medical supplies and aid including emergency shelter kits, rations and clean water. Amongst those deployed were the 40 Commando Royal Marines and 3 Commando Brigade.

RFA Mounts Bay has also reached the British Virgin Islands, with a Wildcat Helicopter embarked conducting reconnaissance flights and a helicopter to help deliver supplies and aid. Her crew will help with structural repairs and restabilising communication. In addition, 24 Commando Royal Engineers based on Mounts Bay have the skills and equipment to repair infrastructure and re-open damaged routes.

HMS Ocean also been diverted from her tasking in the Mediterranean to the Caribbean in order to bring the help the islanders get back up on their feet after the hurricanes have passed. HMS Ocean will embark equipment and aid at Gibraltar on passage to the Caribbean.

What we are doing

Providing humanitarian and disaster relief to the Caribbean Islands left devastated by Hurricane Irma

Why we are there

To help the people of UK overseas territories affected by recent hurricanes

Providing humanitarian assistance

When natural or man-made disasters occur, a country’s infrastructure and resources can be crippled. With loss of electricity, shortage of food and water supplies, and human lives at risk – responding to such life-threatening scenarios is central to the Royal Navy’s ethos. Because we have the skills, equipment and know-how to go anywhere, regardless of potential damage to local infrastructure.

Location Caribbean

Providing aid & support

The Royal Navy’s fleet has some of the most experienced logistical supply ships in the world. Manned by a highly-skilled force, we have quickly and effectively delivered life saving supplies to Sri Lanka, Haiti, the Philippines and the Caribbean Islands;

Restoring infrastructure

Our ability to be a self-sustaining, flexible force able to overcome adverse conditions makes us key to laying the foundations for ongoing aid operations. From re-establishing law and order, to restoring water and power, and repairing airstrips, roads and buildings;

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Specialist Equipment

We are a highly flexible force, operating at sea, from the air, and on land. We are also one of the most adaptable too – overcoming adverse conditions, hostile environments and natural disasters. Giving more cut to our edge is some of the most specialist equipment in the world. 

units involved

RFA Mounts Bay

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HMS Ocean

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40 Commando

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820 Naval Air Squadron

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Commando Engineers

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815 Naval Air Squadron

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1700 Naval Air Squadron

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