Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group 2

Made up of minesweepers and support vessels from multiple nations, the NATO Mine Countermeasures Maritime Groups are part of the international community’s commitment to ridding the seas of mines.


What are we doing?

Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Maritime Group 2 is typically composed of up to eight mine-hunting vessels and a support ship from one of the participating NATO members.

The Royal Navy ship HMS Enterprise, an Echo-class survey vessel, is currently the flagship for the task group in the Mediterranean.

The task group takes part in a number of activities such as mine clearance exercises, maritime security patrols and regional engagement across the Mediterranean and the surrounding area.

NATO is the cornerstone of UK Defence, and I have benefitted from every interaction I have had with other nations throughout my career. With my multinational command staff, I look forward to continue building deeper understanding and cooperation across and beyond the alliance.

Commander Justin Hains
Commanding Officer, HMS Enterprise