Joint Expeditionary Force (Maritime)

The Joint Expeditionary Force (Maritime) is the Royal Navy’s high-readiness global task force. Together with armed forces from eight other nations, the unit is poised to respond to crises whenever and wherever they unfold.


What are we doing?

Joint Expeditionary Force deployments comprise a series of demanding exercises that are designed to ensure that NATO allies are ready to deal with any emerging crisis, from anywhere in the world.

As the leaders of the maritime JEF, the Royal Navy is responsible for making sure that the task force is trained to a high level. While the warfighting and amphibious operations are the task group’s bread and butter, they are also capable of evacuation operations, disaster relief, humanitarian missions, and any number of other tasks.

This is an exciting time for the Royal Navy, with our carrier strike capability about to come on stream, and littoral strike capability continuing to perform its role as the nation's conventional deterrent force, both of which are happening against a backdrop of an uncertain world.

Commodore James Parkin
Commander Amphibious Task Group