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Royal and Japanese Navies underline friendship with training off Dorset
Divers join NATO allies in bomb and mine disposal exercises
Royal Navy joins US-led Pacific peace and goodwill mission
HMS Defender leads the way in the Baltic
Middleton's divers prove they can minehunt from US ships
Royal Navy joins new task force protecting Red Sea shipping
Commandos add sub-zero rescue missions to their toolkit after Iceland workout
Royal Navy completes largest Arctic defence exercise since the Cold War
Royal Navy remains at the heart of NATO as organisation marks 73rd anniversary
'Warmest welcome yet' for Portsmouth patrol ship Spey in Fiji
Royal Navy shows solidarity with Ukraine at Antarctic research base
HMS Tamar enforces UN sanctions against North Korea

20 January 2022

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Storyline: HMS Tamar

Royal Navy supports international research into penguin population
Royal Navy-led Sentinel mission keeps goods and fuel flowing through the autumn
Protector sailors complete Northwest Passage to prepare for Antarctic mission
Indian Navy visits Portsmouth ahead of workout with Royal Navy