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Royal Navy shows solidarity with Ukraine at Antarctic research base
HMS Tamar enforces UN sanctions against North Korea

20 January 2022

Topic:Operational activityInternational partnership

Storyline: HMS Tamar

Royal Navy supports international research into penguin population
Royal Navy-led Sentinel mission keeps goods and fuel flowing through the autumn
Protector sailors complete Northwest Passage to prepare for Antarctic mission
Indian Navy visits Portsmouth ahead of workout with Royal Navy
Navy task force shows Caribbean how it can help after disaster training in Montserrat
Coastal forces turn foe for final carrier exercises
Canadian vessels move to Baltic after brief Portsmouth stop
Grandads’ wars inspire sailor Ben on HMS Trent’s next mission
Royal Navy sailors make history on winter mission to Arctic
HMS Echo hunts down historic ordnance on Baltic operations with Lithuanian Navy
Operational honours for those who led Gulf peacekeeping efforts
New commander of Singapore team prepares to support carrier’s Far East mission
Commander Rachel decorated for Afghan peacekeeping efforts
HMS Enterprise on search and rescue exercise in Cyprus