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More than 6,500 sailors and marines stand guard this Christmas to keep us safe and secure

22 December 2023

Dutch and British pilots reignite bonds with intensive sorties over the South West

16 November 2023

Topic:Operational activityTraining

Commando fliers complete Tors of duty supporting youth event on Dartmoor

03 May 2023


Storyline: 845 NAS

Engineer Harry sets an example to his Commando Helicopter Force comrades

28 February 2023

Topic:PeopleHonours and awards

Storyline: People

Special giant covers protect Navy helicopters from worst of Mother Nature

27 February 2023

Topic:Operational activity

Storyline: 845 NAS

Naval helicopter crews learn to handle sub-zero conditions to support Arctic commandos

16 February 2023

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Storyline: CHF

Royal Navy aviators raising cash to rescue stray puppy

29 November 2022


Navy fliers give potential boost to tourism through search-and-rescue training in the Adriatic

21 November 2022

Topic:Operational activityTraining

Storyline: 845 NAS

Royal Marines spearhead amphibious exercises in Eastern Mediterranean

12 October 2022

Topic:Fighting armsRoyal Marines

Storyline: Europe

X-periment by commando fliers vastly improves helicopter availability for Royal Marine ops

10 August 2022

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Storyline: RNAS Yeovilton

Welcome to the Junglies as new breed of commando aviators make the grade

14 July 2022

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Storyline: CHF

Commando pilots lift tonnes of logs to mountain shelters

16 March 2022

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Storyline: Cold Weather Training

Whirlybird whiteout as commando aviators get used to unique Arctic conditions

21 February 2022

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Storyline: Fleet Air Arm

A final salute to the heroes of the Channel Dash

14 February 2022


Storyline: 845 NAS

Engineers’ simple solution saves Navy £12m servicing Merlins

20 December 2021

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Storyline: RNAS Culdrose

Lovely Jubbly. Del Boy keeps Navy’s carrier strike group going in the Pacific

13 August 2021

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Storyline: RFA Tidespring