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Double celebration of Plymouth’s proud ties with the Falklands on the Hoe

22 June 2021


Storyline: HMNB Devonport

Supplies surprise as Chief Petty Officer Felicia nominated for Amazon award

22 June 2021

Topic:PeopleHonours and awards

Storyline: People

Devonport divers help solve WW1 U-boat mystery

21 June 2021


Storyline: Remembrance

Coastal forces turn foe for final carrier exercises
Royal Navy couple married at fourth attempt

08 June 2021

Topic:CommunityLocal Initiatives

Storyline: HMNB Portsmouth

Portsmouth’s Next Step to Net Zero Carbon
First basic trainees pass out of Collingwood in half a century

04 May 2021

Topic:Operational activityTraining

Naval base's Herculean team effort to prepare for carrier deployment

30 April 2021

Ships' searchlight tribute to victims of Plymouth's Blitz

23 April 2021


New Maritime Reserves centre opens in Portsmouth

22 April 2021

Topic:CommunityLocal Initiatives

‘Super Stoker’ Kevin recognised for his five decades of commitment to the Navy

07 April 2021

Trainee sailors’ outdoor skills tested on Salisbury Plain

01 April 2021

Topic:Operational activityTraining

Royal Navy revives days of sail with training on tall ship

17 March 2021

Topic:Operational activityTraining

Three environmental care award wins for HM Naval Base Portsmouth

16 March 2021

Topic:PeopleHonours and awards

Trainee submariners attend first passing-out parade of 2021 at HM Naval Base Clyde

26 February 2021

Praise from NHS for sailors and marines helping in Somerset’s hospitals

19 February 2021