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Carrier Strike Group units settle into roles ahead of exercise

07 May 2021

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Storyline: HMS Queen Elizabeth

Merlin helicopters arrive on HMS Queen Elizabeth ahead of landmark deployment

27 April 2021

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Torpedoes away as helicopter crews ready for carrier mission

26 April 2021

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Ex-Navy man builds new career – with Lego

06 April 2021


Navy’s new ‘eyes in the sky’ enter service ready for carrier mission

24 March 2021

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Defence review will forge a growing Navy with expanding horizons
Navy fliers’ tribute to World War 1 US troop ship

25 February 2021

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

RNAS Culdrose Sailors thanked for helping in hospitals

12 February 2021

Topic:CommunityLocal Initiatives

'A stirring memory' - the anniversary of the Channel Dash

12 February 2021

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Royal Navy continues global mission over Christmas – ending ‘an extraordinary year’

23 December 2020

Royal Navy in Santa flying visit to Royal Cornwall Hospital

22 December 2020

815 Squadron’s Wildcat engineering first to support Gulf operations

21 December 2020

Merlin aircrew handed their 'wings' in parade at RNAS Culdrose

18 December 2020

Foxy Lady grounded as repairs to vintage Sea Vixen fighter halted

09 December 2020

Commando Wildcats strike during live weapons shoot in Scotland

07 December 2020

Naval pilot Lewis makes history earning Wings on new trainer

30 November 2020