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Carriers sail together as HMS Queen Elizabeth and Carrier Strike Group complete final exercise
Anson in the water as new hunter-killer enters final stage of construction

17 May 2021

Royal Navy’s upgraded torpedo tested in deep waters as it's declared ready for the front line

12 May 2021

Topic:Fighting armsSubmarine Service

Storyline: Submarines

Dreadnought-class submarines to get 'fly-by-wire' technology

01 April 2021

Topic:Fighting armsSubmarine Service

Farewell to Royal Navy submarine HMS Trenchant

26 March 2021

Topic:Fighting armsSubmarine Service

Defence review will forge a growing Navy with expanding horizons
Sculptor chosen to create national Submariner Memorial

11 February 2021

Topic:PeopleRoyal Family

Royal Navy’s new torpedo put through its final trials

05 February 2021

Topic:Equipment and TechTechnology

Royal Navy continues global mission over Christmas – ending ‘an extraordinary year’

23 December 2020

‘Engineering marvel’ HMS Anson named in glitzy ceremony

11 December 2020

RN personnel at NATO prepare for major exercise

30 November 2020

HMS Trenchant home after hectic four-month deployment

10 November 2020

Silent Service marks Submariner Remembrance in London

01 November 2020

Stunning photos claim top prizes at Royal Navy photographic awards

02 October 2020

First new Royal Navy award to crew of HMS Talent

25 September 2020

Lady sponsor of HMS Astute visits HM Naval Base Clyde

11 September 2020