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Royal Navy continues its global mission over festive period

24 December 2021

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Storyline: People

Classic WW2-era fighter joins Yeovilton’s growing historic collection

16 December 2021

RN engineering apprentices unveil iconic Aston Martin Bulldog

03 September 2021

Wrens wartime tragedy remembered 80 years on in Yeovilton

20 August 2021

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Storyline: RNAS Yeovilton

First carrier veteran Horace marks 101st birthday with a picture of the Navy’s flagship

30 July 2021


Storyline: 845 NAS

Sailors rally to help Commonwealth families hit by volcano

28 April 2021

Praise from NHS for sailors and marines helping in Somerset’s hospitals

19 February 2021

Royal Marines put aviators through Arctic tests

12 February 2021

Foxy Lady grounded as repairs to vintage Sea Vixen fighter halted

09 December 2020

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Royal Marines fliers ready for front-line action after demanding training

18 September 2020

Helicopter unleashes new missile to protect carriers

24 May 2020

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Commando Wildcat debuts on HMS Queen Elizabeth

14 May 2020

Topic:Fighting armsFleet Air Arm

Junglies go Geordie for rescue training with RNLI
Aviators prepare for Arctic sorties

29 January 2020

Royal Navy marks 20 years since LGBT ban lifted

10 January 2020

Topic:Fighting armsRoyal Auxiliary Fleet

Sailor celebrates MBE with proposal at Buckingham Palace

03 December 2019