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HMS Duncan’s NATO task group clears through simulated minefield

01 August 2023

Royal Navy personnel help veteran mark his centenary

03 February 2023


Storyline: HMS Hibernia (Belfast)

First Sea Lord's speech to the Council on Geostrategy

19 July 2022

Topic:PeopleSenior leaders

Storyline: First Sea Lord

High Wycombe road rededicated to WW2 Royal Navy hero

05 July 2022


Storyline: Community

Scapa Flow naval museum set to reopen after £4.4m revamp

27 June 2022


Storyline: Museums

Royal Navy joins new task force protecting Red Sea shipping
Navy Ice Ship HMS Protector completes first Antarctic mission of the season

17 January 2022

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Storyline: HMS Protector

Royal Navy-led Sentinel mission keeps goods and fuel flowing through the autumn
Sailor saves neighbours during fire

27 October 2021

RN-led Gulf task group protects 100m tonnes of cargo every month

29 July 2021

Topic:Operational activitySecurity at Sea

Storyline: HMS Montrose

Navy task force shows Caribbean how it can help after disaster training in Montserrat
85m tonnes of shipping passes through Gulf pinch points thanks to RN-led task force

31 March 2021

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Seventy-six years since the navy lost its architect of salvation and victory

02 January 2021

RFA Argus dispatched to support the Caribbean region
Wave Knight delves into Gibraltar’s history

28 February 2020

Topic:Fighting armsRoyal Auxiliary Fleet

Legendary Norway raid remembered 80 years on

14 February 2020