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Captain Chris brings WW2 hero to life to inspire today’s generation of sailors

21 January 2022


Storyline: Remembrance

Royal Navy to support disaster relief efforts in Tonga

20 January 2022

Topic:Operational activityHumanitarian assistance

Storyline: HMS Spey

HMS Tamar enforces UN sanctions against North Korea

20 January 2022

Topic:Operational activityInternational partnership

Storyline: HMS Tamar

HMS Somerset welcomes new Commanding Officer

19 January 2022

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Storyline: HMS Somerset

New cohort of sailors join RAF colleagues for innovation course

18 January 2022

Topic:Equipment and TechTechnology

Storyline: Technology and Equipment

Royal Navy partners with health app Headspace to improve mental wellbeing

18 January 2022


Storyline: NavyFit

New boss in Bahrain as Commodore Adrian Fryer takes reins of RN’s Middle East mission

17 January 2022


Storyline: People

Royal Navy’s ‘first – but definitely not last’ female admiral takes command

17 January 2022


Storyline: Senior Naval Staff

Navy Ice Ship HMS Protector completes first Antarctic mission of the season

17 January 2022

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Storyline: HMS Protector

£15k fundraising drive for memorial to HMS Sheffield in time for 40th anniversary of her loss

13 January 2022


Storyline: Fundraising

Ammunition loading jetty for Royal Navy’s surface fleet completed

12 January 2022

New Second Sea Lord officially welcomed to role

12 January 2022

Topic:PeopleSenior leaders

Storyline: Second Sea Lord

HMS Victory marks 100-year milestone by preparing for her next half century

12 January 2022


Storyline: HMNB Portsmouth

"Pride, passion and purpose" as Royal Navy takes on key NATO mission

11 January 2022

Topic:Fighting armsSurface Fleet

Storyline: HMS Prince of Wales

Vast database catalogues over 500 years of Royal Navy’s losses at sea

10 January 2022

Topic:Fighting arms

Storyline: Remembrance

HMS Westminster returns to Portsmouth after demanding submarine hunting mission